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Our Products

We have partnered with Giraffe ICF Bracing to rent out to help our customers. Giraffe Bracings are easy to use, designed for ICF pours, and best of all, if you rent them from us you won't have to spend a fortune on something you'll only use once. 

We sell a wide selection of Fab-Form  products

We are the largest supplier of Fab-form ICF Bracing and Fastfoot system

Fastfoot System

Prevents rising dampness!

Concrete is 'hygroscopic', wicking up ground moisture which leads to a damp and moldy interior.

Fastfoot® is a damp proof membrane, preventing ground moisture wicking into the footing concrete, providing a drier, healthier indoor environment.

Prevents Concrete Damage

Fastfoot® is a closed form. As seen from this photo there is no concrete damage to screed boards and stakes.

This means your 2x4s and stakes can be re-used indefinitely.

Fab-Form Fast Foot 2.jpg

Adapts to Uneven Ground, Rock

Special colored width lines allow Fastfoot® to be 'let out' or 'pulled in' to accommodate uneven excavations.

No need to scab lumber on the sides of your footings or shovel the ground to achieve the footing depth.

Fastfoot® is perfect over rock as shown in this photo.

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